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Shamanic Engineering - SHORT

Bridging ancient wisdom & modern technologies.

Grounding spiritual principles in tech, software, media, and societal systems. A journey of holistic innovation, uniting consciousness with the material realm.

Merging ancient shamanic wisdom with modern technologies and societal systems. Aims to ground higher consciousness in realms like software, media, and infrastructure, harmonizing spiritual energy with real-world applications. Bridging the spiritual and material for holistic solutions.

Grounding spiritual principles in tech, media & societal systems, bridging higher consciousness with real-world applications.





Bridging spiritual concepts with technology, media & social innovations, grounding higher consciousness in real-world applications.


霊的な概念とテクノロジー、メディア、ソーシャル・イノベーションをつなげ、高次の意識を実世界の応用に根付かせる。 霊的な概念 (reiteki na gainen) = spiritual concepts

社会制度 (shakai seido) = societal systems

高次の意識 (kouji no ishiki) = higher consciousness

実世界の応用 (jisseikai no ouyou) = real-world applications

具体化し (gutaika shi) = grounding / embodying 根付かせる (ne tsukaseru) = grounding / anchoring

つなげる (tsunageru) = bridging/connecting


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